Chinese Roast Tangerine-Soy Marinade Duck

Chinese Roast Duck Recipe

Chinese Roast Tangerine-Soy Marinade Duck is a dish in the manner of Chinese Peking duck, but much simpler. It will take a long time to cook! The peculiarity is that it would lubricate the duck regularly with sauce. So the duck will be soaked in taste and the meat will be more fragrant and tastier. Honey in the sauce will give a beautiful appearance of a crispy crust. During the cooking process, you will need food foil, paper towels, and a silicone brush. If you do not have a brush at home, then you can just pour a tablespoon.

Recipe type: Meat
Recipe type: Chinese
Yield: 5-6
Prep time:
Cook time:

Chinese Roast Tangerine-Soy Marinade Duck


Duck — 1 carcass 3 kg
Tangerines — 4 pieces
Soy sauce — 30 ml
Honey — 2 teaspoons
Sesame seeds


1. Sauce: mix honey, soy sauce and squeezed tangerine juice.
2. Wash the duck. Wipe dry with a paper towel.
3. Place the duck on a large grill for the oven.
4. Cover the duck with cling film completely, to make a dome. So we will dry the duck and melt some of the fat.
5.Place a container of water on the bottom of the oven. The water evaporating will create a moist effect and the duck will be steamed. Cook for 3 hours at 392 °F (200 °C). Sometimes make sure that the duck does not burn under the foil, since the volume of the oven is different for everyone. Add water if necessary.
6. Remove the foil and the water container.
7. Brush the whole duck with the sauce using a silicone brush. Send it back to the oven. Cook at 320 °F (160 °C).
8.For 1-1.5 hours, lubricate the duck with sauce every 20-30 minutes.
Serving: Serve the dish hot and with a side dish to your taste
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