Pickles Onion Salami Danish Smorrebrod

How to make a Pickles Onion Salami Danish Smorrebrod ?

We have already described the recipes of smorrebrods. Look for them in our recipe list. Danish Smorrebrod is an open sandwich made from a crunchy slice of bread and various fillings. A quick and satisfying snack for breakfast or lunch. We will take pickled cucumber, salami, tomatoes and onions for Pickles Onion Salami Danish Smorrebrod.

Recipe type: Sandwich

Recipe type: Danish

Yield: 4

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:


Salami — 50-70 grams
Cherry tomatoes — 4-6 pieces
Black bread — 4 pieces
Pickled gherkins — 4-6 pieces
Olive oil — 10 ml


1. Slice salami, pickled gherkins, fresh cherry tomatoes, and onion into half rings.
2. Black bread is cut into slices. Grease both sides with olive oil and fry until crisp.
3. Cut the cheese with blue mold as thick as apple slices.
4. Spread the ingredients on the crusty bread.
Serving: Darnish Smorrebrod with green onions or parsley leaves.
Bon Appetit!

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