Quiche Lorraine Recipe

Quiche Lorraine is a French open pie. The base of the quiche resembles a shortbread with a crispy crust. Tender filling of egg-milk mixture and fried bacon.

How to prepare the quiche base?

Our recipe is here: Pâte Brisée

How to cook quiche?

We make the basis for the quiche. Cool for 30 minutes. Fry the bacon. Three cheese on a grater. We make the filling: mix eggs, cream, milk and chopped spring onions. Add the filling to the base and fill it with a mixture. We send it to the oven to cook.

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Recipe type: Quiche
Recipe type: French
Yield: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:

Quiche Lorraine


Gouda cheese — 120 grams
British bacon — 320 grams
Spring onion — 3 feathers
Chicken egg — 3 pieces
Ground black pepper — ¼ teaspoon
Salt — ½ teaspoon
Ground nutmeg — ¼ teaspoon
Cream of 30% fat content — 110 ml
Cow’s milk — 230 ml
The basis for a shortbread dough quiche — 1 piece


1. Grate the cheese on a fine grater.
2. Cut the bacon into small cubes and fry over high heat until golden brown.
3. Finely chop spring onions.
4. Shake the chicken eggs with a whisk in a deep bowl.
5. Add salt, black pepper, nutmeg to the egg mixture. Mix it up.
6. Add cream and milk to the egg mixture. Add the ingredients in parts and mix each time.
7. Add spring onions to the egg mixture.
8. Take the basis for the quiche in a baking dish.
9. Put the fried bacon and cheese in the base for the quiche.
10. Pour the egg mixture into the base for the quiche to the very top edge.
11. Send the quiche to bake in the oven at 340 ° F (170 °C) for 40 minutes.
Serving: Serve the quiche after 30 minutes.
Enjoy your meal!


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