Classic Italian bruschetta

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Classic Italian bruschetta


Bread (Ciabatta)
Fresh basil
Olive oil


Ideal to use ciabatta, but if it does not – take any white bread. Bread cut on the diagonal, so it turns out delicious bruschetta. Sliced bread should be lubricated with olive oil – the bread is crispy outside and soft inside.
Fry the bread on both sides. Fried bread is ready. Grate the garlic bread.
The bread is ready. Make stuffing. To do this, cut tomatoes, basil, cheese. Put cheese on bread. Put the tomatoes, basil.

Bruschetta – the classic Italian appetizer, antipasto, which is a slice of dried bread – eg Ciabatta – fried until light brown and crisp condition. And then you can experiment: to spread on bread, for example, chopped ripe tomatoes with fresh basil, or roast beef, cheese and olives and balsamic flavor.

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Bruschetta (Ingredients)

Our bruschetta ready! True to quickly and easily ?! Today we are cook classic Italian bruschetta! Classic Bruschetta is perfect for wine!
We think you will appreciate the great taste and aroma of the snacks. Have a nice evening!

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