Tempura Shrimps

How to make Tempura Shrimps?

Tempura Shrimps or Ebi Fry is a traditional Japanese snack. Light and delicious shrimp in crispy breading. This dish is easy and simple to cook, and any favorite Asian sauce will add flavor. We cook tempura shrimp not with tempura batter, but with Panko breadcrumbs. We will deep fry. If you prefer a more useful option, you can bake the shrimp in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 475 ° F (or 230 ° C).

Recipe type: Snacks

Recipe type: Japanese

Yield: 2

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:


Panko breadcrumbs — 100 grams
Large shrimp — 10 pieces
Chicken egg — 2 pieces
Baking flour — 130 grams
Deep-frying oil


1. Peel the shrimp from the shell, leave a small part of the tail.
2. Make a shallow incision along the top of the shrimp and carefully remove the food tract.
3. You can make several shallow incisions on the belly of the shrimp, so that they become even, and not curl up into a ball.
4. Soak the shrimp with a paper towel. They should be as dry as possible.
5. Put flour, whipped chicken eggs, Panko breadcrumbs in separate cups.
6. Roll each shrimp first in flour, then in egg and then in breadcrumbs. Do you want more crispy batter? Roll in the egg and breadcrumbs again.
7. Preheat the fryer or oil in a wok pan to 360°F (or 180°C).
8. Cook 3-4 shrimp at a time. Slowly immerse the shrimp in the oil. If you cook all the shrimps at once, the oil cools down quickly and the shrimps will not be as crispy. Cooking time is about 3 minutes. The color should become golden brown.
9. Put the shrimp on a paper towel to remove excess oil.
Serving: Serve immediately with finely chopped daikon radish and carrots. Add the pickled ginger and lime slices. Don’t forget about your favorite Asian sauce!
Bon Appetit!

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