Dried melon in the oven

Hello, gourmets! Summer is in the yard and somehow I wanted something unusual, something similar to marmalade, but tastier. So we decided to make dried melon in the oven. Pure concentration of taste for lovers of this fruit.

Dried melon, for me, is just the perfect dessert for tea. Minimum sugar, maximum taste. Stores usually sell such dried melons more than dried ones.

How to choose a melon

Melon should be chosen, of course, very ripe, so that I would knock on it and a dull sound would be heard, well, after sniffing, the sweetness in the smell is immediately felt – so this is our product.

In a ripe melon, the central part opposite the tail should also be a little soft, but you don’t need to pierce it with your finger! By the way, the tail itself should be dried.

Dried melon in the oven
Dried melon in the oven

How to dry melon

It’s cool if you live in the southern region and the sun is frying like it’s not in itself! But not everyone is so lucky and there are harsh regions where the summer is not so hot and it is not possible to lay out pieces of melon right on the veranda of your house. Therefore, we offer the option to dry in the oven!

We have already laid out a similar recipe for Dried tomatoes, according to the same principle we will cook dried melon.

We cut the melon into small pieces – the length of a palm or a little more. We spread them on parchment paper for baking. We send it to the oven with the door slightly ajar for 6-8 hours at 70-80 ° C.

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Yield: 4
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Dried melon in the oven


Melon – 1 kg


My melon and cut into 14-18 pieces.
We line the baking sheet with parchment paper and put pieces of melon on it. Peel on paper.
We send it to the oven with the door slightly ajar for 7 hours at 70-80 ° C.
Let the melon cool in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.

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