Omelette salad with Thai sauce

Omelette salad with Thai sauce recipe

Vegetables with omelet , I think the most striking representative of Asian cuisine , is a fresh and hearty salad with an interesting sauce Thai Salad Dressing (Som Tum Sauce). The sauce consists of sugar, vinegar, chili pepper, lime juice, fish sauce, garlic powder. The taste of the sauce just blows up the receptors with sweetness, sourness and burning sharpness at the same time. You can try to make this sauce at home yourself, but it’s unlikely that it will turn out like in the original.

PS: the sauce can be bought in any Chinese shop, if there is no such, then you can use any other similar to taste.

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Recipe type: Salads
Recipe type: Thai
Yield: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:

Omelette salad with Thai sauce


Sweet bell pepper — 1 piece
Carrots — 1 piece
Peking cabbage — 100 grams
Salt to taste
Sesame oil — 3 teaspoons
Celery stalk — 2 branches
Thai Salad Dressing (Som Tum sauce) — 20 grams
Smoked paprika — pinch
Eggs — 3 pieces
Lime juice-1/3 fresh lime


1. Cut sweet pepper, carrot, celery, Peking cabbage into thin strips.
2. Whisk eggs in a bowl with the addition of smoked paprika and salt.
3. Heat 2 teaspoons of sesame oil in a large pan.
4. Pour the egg omelet and fry on both sides until Golden crisp.
5. Cut the omelet into thin strips.
6. Add the omelet to the chopped vegetables. Mixing.
7. Add 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, lime juice and lime-based sauce.
Bon Appetit!

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