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Recipe type: Mexican

Yield: 3

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Chicken Quesadillas Recipe

Mexican Chicken Quesadillas ready!

It is easy, is’it?! Quesadilla is good with Mexican salsa or sour cream!

Bon Appetit!
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– Tortilla 1 piece
– Onion 1 piece
– Boarded beans 3-4 tablespoons
– Cheese
– Boneless chicken breasts 1/4


Classic Mexican and Tex Mex cheese quesadilla recipe
Let’s start cooking!
1. Chicken cut into strips, and even cut the 2-3 part.
2. The finely cut onions.
3, then wash out and running water if beans canned.
4. In one half of the tortilla finally, we shall rub cheese.
5. Saute the onions until golden brown in a frying pan.
6. To add the onions and the chicken we fry until the chicken is cooked (about 10 minutes).
7. Put the chicken on a tortilla.
8. Put the beans on tortilla.
9. Rub the cheese on top of the filling.
10. Let’s turn tortilla in half.
11. In a frying pan without oil (or grill) over medium heat, fry tortilla on both sides, that would melt cheese.