Crispy lime chicken

Magic homemade marinade for chicken

In this recipe, we use an interesting combination of ingredients to produce an unusual marinade for chicken. The main flavor is given by cilantro leaves and lime juice. Probably many of you already know that meat can be marinated in an acidic environment – kiwi, lemon, lime, orange. We chose lime juice today!

To prepare the marinade, we need to have a good rummage in your refrigerator lime, if it is not there, then suddenly you have a lime tree with fruits growing on the windowsill, it would certainly be cool, or you will have to look for it already on the shelves of your vegetable supermarket. You will also need cilantro leaves, of course fresh, but if there are no fresh ones, then dried ones can be used, but the taste and aroma will not be the same as you expect. With the search for garlic, I think there will be no problems. Almost everyone has ground cumin and sugar at home. But flakes of burning cayenne pepper may be problematic to find, but they can be excluded from the recipe, or replaced with any ground red pepper to your taste. Mix everything with butter and the marinade for the chicken is ready.

Crispy chicken

To get a chicken with a crispy crust, you just need to start frying it with the skin down, so that the skin itself is fried and begins to crunch. Fry over medium heat for a better effect, it takes longer, but the roasting will turn out better. You can bring the chicken to readiness already in the oven. This is a great recipe for chicken juicy inside and crispy on the outside.

Recipe type: Chicken
Recipe type: American
Yield: 6
Prep time:
Cook time:

Crispy lime chicken


Cilantro — 30 grams
Lime juice — 60 ml
Garlic — 4 cloves
Cayenne pepper — 1 teaspoon
Sugar — 2 teaspoons
Ground cumin — 1 teaspoon
Olive oil — 2 tablespoons
Chicken thigh — 6 pieces


1. Cut the cilantro leaves finely.
2. Squeeze lime juice.
3. Chop the garlic finely.
4. Marinade: mix coriander leaves, lime juice, garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper, sugar, ground cumin in a deep bowl.
5. Add chicken thighs to the marinade. Transfer to the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.
6. Heat the frying oil over medium heat.
7. Put the thighs (skin down) in a frying pan and fry for about 5-8 minutes or until a crispy crust forms. The time depends on the degree of heating of your frying pan. Make sure that the skin does not burn!
8. Turn the hips over and continue frying for another 5 minutes.
9. Place the thighs on a baking sheet and place in the oven for 25 minutes at 356 °F (180 °C).
10. Serve with your favorite side dish.

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