Recipe type: Pasta

Recipe type: Italian

Yield: 2

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Chicken Farfalle pasta recipe

A little Italian food wouldn’t hurt this evening. Pasta Farfalle with chicken ventricles is a hearty and simple dish in the Italian style. Ready to start cooking? Let’s start!


– farfalle pasta – 200 grams
– garlic 2-3 cloves
– vegetable oil – for frying
– salt and pepper to taste
– carrot – 1/2 piece


1. Boil the paste for 7 minutes
2. Rinse and cut chicken ventricles
3. Half of carrot to clean and cut into thin strips
4. Chop garlic
5. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan.
6. Fry chicken ventricles for 10-12 minutes.
7. Add garlic and carrots to the pan. Fry for another 7-10 minutes
8. Remove the frying pan from the stove and add the paste. Mix thoroughly.
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Bon appetit!