Tofu Peanut Sauce

Asian Tofu Peanut Sauce Recipe

Tofu Peanut Sauce is a dish of Asian countries. This sauce is perfect for Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls. You will like the spicy taste of the sauce.

Cooking the sauce is simple — mix everything in a blender until smooth.

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Recipe type: Sauces
Recipe type: Asian
Yield: 6-10
Prep time:
Cook time:

Tofu Peanut Sauce


Garlic — 2 cloves
Ginger — 20 grams
Silk tofu — 150 grams
Honey — 3 teaspoons
Miso paste — 15 grams
Rice vinegar — 1 tablespoon
Peanut paste — 2 tablespoons


1. Finely grate ginger.
2. Mix grated ginger and other ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Serving: Serve with fresh vegetables or with Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls
Bon Appetit!

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