Grilled Salmon Salad

How to cook Grilled Salmon Salad?

Grilled Salmon Salad is a light and healthy salad from Greek cuisine. Fresh grilled salmon, crispy Romano lettuce leaves, fragrant fried tomatoes, red cabbage, lime sourness and oregano is the perfect dinner. Additionally, add Greek olives or Feta cheese.

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Recipe type: Salads
Recipe type: Greek
Yield: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:

Grilled Salmon Salad


Cherry tomatoes — 120 grams
Lime — ½ pieces
Salmon — 300 grams
Romano lettuce leaves — 120 grams
Origano — 1 tablespoon
Red cabbage — 100 grams
Salt to taste


1. Coarsely chop the Romano salad.
2. Fry Cherry tomatoes on maximum heat for 5-10 minutes.
3. Fry the salmon over medium heat. Add salt to taste.
4. Cut the cabbage into as thin slices as possible.
5. Mix all the ingredients together.
6. Add the juice of half a lime.
7. Add fresh or dried oregano. Mix it up.
Serving: Serve the salad immediately.
Bon Appetit!

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