Sangrita recipe

We are all used to thinking and drinking tequila with salt and lime. This option was invented in the 60s in Hollywood. Tequila is washed down with sangrita. A mix of tomato and orange juice with the addition of hot sauce gives a truly interesting taste.

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Recipe type: Cocktails
Recipe type: Mexican
Yield: 10
Prep time:
Cook time:



Tomato juice 400 ml
Orange juice 200 ml
Lime juice – ½ fresh lime
Celery – 1 stem
Cucumber – ½ medium cucumber
Tabasco sauce red 20 ml
Salt 5 g (a teaspoon)
Black pepper ground 5 g (a teaspoon)


1. Cut fresh cucumber.
2. Sliced celery slices
3. Make freshly squeezed orange juice. The squeezer will help us. You can buy it from Amazon by reference in the recipe description on our website. Or you can use juice from the store.
4. We put our ingredients in the carafe. Celery, cucumber, orange juice, tomato juice, juice lime halves. Add a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of pepper. And the main ingredient is Tabasco sauce. We use only it. 20 ml is not more. Stirring.

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