About cook4yourself

Back in 2016, I had to work very hard in the office as a full-time programmer. I was so tired that I wanted something to distract me from my work. And so on May 27, 2016, when I came home from work on a Friday, I had a strong feeling to cook something. The choice fell on the simplest dish that came to my mind and it was a Mexican burrito. And so on Fridays I started cooking. I started Instagram and started posting photos of ready meals. I will be happy if you follow me on social networks. I wanted to share recipes with simple people like me. Cooking became a rest for me. I’m still completely immersed in the cooking process. I didn’t study at any culinary schools or universities. And I think that if I can cook, then others can.

After I started Instagram, I decided to make a website and group in Facebook @cook4yourself and twitter. I came up with the name cook4yourself in the end. Tagline: Cook with us – cook for yourself.

I started writing recipes and taking photos with a Nikon SLR camera which my wife and I were given as a gift for our wedding. I even started making videos of recipes and editing them for theYouTube channel….But the time for content creation was not enough and for a long time I stopped activity on Instagram and on the site. But I did not stop cooking delicious food!

In 2018, I created a mobile app for the Android platform and started developing it. I experimented with the design of the app and how it would be more convenient to view recipes. There were a lot of plans. These plans are still relevant and I try to implement them little by little.

The world has fallen into isolation because of COVID-19. And I decided that I should somehow occupy my free time, since you can not go anywhere and everything is closed everywhere: bars, movies, theaters. I sat down and made a plan for how I would share content and recipes with people. I decided that my zeal is a desire to explore the world and countries through the prism of the cuisine of these countries.

I changed the format of the recipe description a little. Each recipe has a mini story of what kind of dish it is: what it is made of, in which country it was invented. I started creating photo compositions.

At the beginning of 2021, I thought about the fact that not all people use the android phone, but there are also those who use the iPhone. And then I decided that I should create an application for them, so that they could also get acquainted with my recipes in a simple way.

I hope for the development of the community and the active participation of gourmets and just lovers of delicious food. I think that together we can learn from each other and gain experience in culinary skills.