Crispy Mushrooms Salad

Hello, gourmets! Author’s salad with crispy champignons and balsamic vinegar dressing is our recipe for today.

Mushroom salad recipe

We are preparing for summer and take note of this light and fresh salad with crispy champignons, lettuce leaves (iceberg, radicchio, romano), juicy ripe tomatoes, fragrant leaves of fresh basil, crispy red onion and a dressing of balsamic, garlic and olive oil.

Crispy Mushrooms Salad
Crispy Mushrooms Salad

The peculiarity of the salad is of course juicy inside and crispy outside whole mushrooms! We roll the champignons twice in a tender batter of milk and eggs, dipping them in crispy breadcrumbs and deep-frying them or in a saucepan with boiling oil. Incredibly crispy on the outside and still juicy inside, such champignons are definitely the main ingredient of this delicious salad.

The piquancy of the salad acquires with the addition of a dressing of thick wine balsamic vinegar, olive oil and garlic.

Freshness and crunch are given by the leaves of different varieties of salads. There are no restrictions here and you can use any combinations that you deem appropriate.

Recipe type: Salads
Recipe type: Exclusive
Yield: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:

Crispy Mushrooms Salad


Lettuce leaves (iceberg, radicchio, romano) — 150 grams
Champignons — 500 grams
Flour — 50 grams
Chicken egg — 2 pieces
Milk — 6 tablespoons
Breadcrumbs — 50 grams
Frying oil — 1 liter
Garlic — 2 cloves
Red onion — 1 onion
Tomatoes — 2 pieces
Balsamic vinegar – 1 tablespoon
Olive oil — 3 tablespoons
Basil leaves — 20 grams
Pine nuts — 20 grams
Parmesan cheese — 20 grams


1. Wash and dry the mushrooms with a paper towel.
2. Batter: mix two chicken eggs and 6 tablespoons of milk in a cup.
3. Prepare breadcrumbs in a separate cup.
4. In a separate bowl, cook the flour.
5. Roll each mushroom in flour, then in batter, then in breadcrumbs, again in batter, and again in breadcrumbs.
6. Fry the mushrooms in boiling oil (180 ° C or 356 °F) for 10 minutes. Put the mushrooms on a paper towel.
7. Peel 2 cloves of garlic and chop them finely or on a grater.
8. Salad dressing: mix garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil.
9. Cut tomatoes into small cubes.
10. Cut the onion into petals.
11. Cut each crispy mushroom into 4 pieces.
12. Mix lettuce leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, salad dressing, basil leaves in a deep bowl.
13. Put on a plate, add pine nuts, and sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on top.

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