Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips Recipe

Fish and chips is a classic of British cuisine! This dish is popular in all parts of our planet. Cooking it is simple and fast. Life hack: beer should be very very cold for batter! Beer gives the batter a certain texture and taste, keeps the fish tender and juicy. Tar-tar sauce is ideal for fish and chips.

Recipe type: Main
Recipe type: British
Yield: 3-4
Prep time:
Cook time:

Fish and Chips


White fish (haddock, cod, saithe, stingray, flounder, sea bass, snapper) – 400 grams
Potatoes — 200 grams
Light beer — 300 ml
Wheat flour-140 grams
Baking powder — 1 teaspoon
Salt — 1 teaspoon
Frying oil — at least 1 liter


1. Peel the fish from the skin and remove the bones. Cut into 5-6 cm pieces.
2. Batter: Mix salt, baking powder, flour and very cold beer in a deep bowl. Mix thoroughly until smooth.
3. Dip the fish in batter and fry in a large amount of hot oil in a frying pan or deep-fried.
4. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin long bars or slices. Fry in a frying pan or deep-fried.
Serving: Serve the dish hot with tar-tar sauce.
Bon Appetit!

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