Riganada (Greek Summer Bruschetta With Feta)

Riganada is a Greek snack. The name of the dish comes from rigani, which means oregano in Greek. The perfect snack for a wine party with friends or family.

What does it consist of?

– bread from the bakery.

– ripe tomatoes

– Feta cheese

– dried oregano

Add sardines or olives in addition to the snack to give even more flavor.

How to cook?

Fry the bread until crisp. Cut cherry tomatoes into cubes. We cut tomatoes into halves and lightly fry them in a frying pan to enhance their taste. Break the Feta cheese into small pieces and put it on top. Sprinkle with a pinch of oregano. We pour red wine into glasses and begin to enjoy the tastes of Greece.

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Recipe type: Appetizer

Recipe type: Greek

Yield: 4

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:


Bread — 1 loaf
Oregano — pinch
Feta cheese — 400 grams
Cherry tomatoes — 6-8 pieces
Olive oil
Salt to taste


1. Cut the bread into thick pieces.
2. Brush the bread with olive oil and brown in a frying pan or grill until lightly crispy.
3. Fry the tomatoes a little in a hot frying pan. Cook for about 5 minutes. The peel should crack a little.
4. Sprinkle crusty bread with olive oil
5. Put the tomato halves on the bread.
6. Add pieces of Feta cheese to the bread.
7. Sprinkle the bread with dried oregano.
Serving: Serve the appetizer with red wine.
Bon Appetit!

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