Seattle-Style Hot Dog

How make Seattle-Style Hot Dog?

Seattle-Style Hot Dog is a snack of American cuisine. As we already know, almost every department prepares its own version of hot dogs. We have already tried New York Style Hot Dog and Chicago-Style Hot Dog, it’s time to learn how to cook in Seattle. Cunningly cut the sausage lengthwise, leaving a jumper between the two parts, fry. Parse white or rat onion (as you like) on medium heat. Sauces: creamy soft cheese, spicy Sriracha and yellow mustard. We put all this on a bun.

Recipe type: Hot Dogs
Recipe type: American
Yield: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:

Seattle-Style Hot Dog


Red onion — 1 piece (90-100 grams)
Beef sausages — 4 pieces
Hot dog buns — 4 pieces
Cream cheese melted — 2-3 tablespoons
Sriracha sauce – 1 tablespoon
Mustard — 2-3 tablespoons
Jalapeno pepper — to taste
Frying oil


1. Peel the onion and cut into petals.
2. Fry the onion over medium heat for 5 minutes.
3. Beef sausages are cut lengthwise into 2 parts, but not to the end.
4. Preheat the grill or frying pan on high heat and fry the sausages on both sides. We try to make sure that the marking between the two parts of the sausage remains intact.
5. Cream cheese and mustard (separately) are put in a pastry bag to make beautiful stripes on a hot dog.
6. Jalapeno (if using) cut into small pieces.
7. Hot dog buns lightly fry on fire.
8. Assembly: Put a sausage on a bun, then fried onions, a little Sriracha sauce, zig-zag add mustard and cream cheese, lay out pieces of Jalapeno.
Serving: Eat immediately with any drinks.
Bon Appetit!

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