Salmon Crostini

Ciao, gourmets! Friday has come, or maybe just a meeting with friends in the middle of the week or a light party in honor of a birthday, the occasion is unimportant, the main thing is a snack and drinks! As a tender snack, the choice of Italians is obvious – it’s crostini with various fillings. Crostini with red fish is perfect for any celebration. Moreover, crostini is ideal with wines.

Salmon Crostini Recipe

It would seem that what is the difference between crostini and bruschetta, both dishes are prepared the same way by definition, but still there are differences.


  • fried without oil, but watered with it from above.
  • bread thickness is less than that of crostini
  • rubbed with a clove of garlic.


  • it is fried in a frying pan, but with a slightly greased surface with olive oil to form a crust.
  • the bread thickness is greater than that of bruschetta.
  • the filling is usually made of various types of cheese and any ingredients

Toppings for crostini

  • parmesan, ricotta, mascarpone, pecorino or any other cheese
  • parma ham
  • seafood
  • chicken fillet
  • olives
  • tomatoes
  • basil

Italian sandwich or not?

Formally, crostini or bruschetta cannot be called Italian sandwiches. An Italian sandwich, as well as an American classic sandwich, is covered with a second or third slice of bread on top.

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Recipe type: Appetizer

Recipe type: Italian

Yield: 4

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:


Ciabatta or rustic bread — 1 piece
Salmon — 100 grams
Ricotta cheese — 100 grams
Ground black pepper to taste
Olive oil


1. Cut the bread into slices. Grease each side with olive oil and fry over medium heat until golden crisp.
2. Cut the salmon into thin slices.
3. Put an even layer of Ricotta cheese on the bread.
4. Put salmon slices on top of cheese.
5. Sprinkle with lightly ground black pepper.
Serving: Serve with your favorite wine
Bon Appetit!

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